An exciting new plant care range

Buying new plants is great, but it's even more important to make sure you're taking care of them! We're super excited to be stocking a brand new range of indoor plant care products by We The Wild. These products have been designed to replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor to make your houseplants strong, fast growing and resilient.

Plants weren’t made to live in pots – and that's often why they get a bit down on us. To make it worse, we tend to use products that actually hinder our plants and harm the environment. Many plant care products use plastic-coated fertiliser granules, ammonia based plant food and petrol (ew!) based pesticides. Instead, We The Wild is designed to replicate mother nature by working with the natural instincts of our plants, not against them.

Their products are made by worms and contain 18+ specific organic ingredients and no chemical nasties! They're not just good for your plants, their also good for the earth and as part of their production process they use organic waste that would otherwise be going to landfill (we think that's pretty cool!).

The range

Support Pellets

Slow-released over 2 months, these bioactive pellets spring to life once watered, slowly transforming your soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth.

How to use

To refresh soil:

  • Mix 1-2 tbsp per plant into the topsoil every 2 months, water with Grow Concentrate.

When repotting:

  • Liberally mix into store bought or old soil, ensuring contact with roots.

For germination:

  • Crumble, moisten and coat seeds thoroughly.

Grow Concentrate

A highly active and safe plant food, designed for fast absorption. Packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for fast growth, strong roots, and healthy plants.

How to use

  1. Shake well and dilute 1 squirt (1-2ml) per litre of water. Remember, our Grow Concentrate can’t burn or overdose your plants!
  2. Water fortnightly, or with every second drink. Watch plants thrive!
  3. Supercharge your solution! Combine 1/4 teaspoon of sugar for every 1-2ml of concentrate, then add water. Just like yeast is activated, the beneficial microbes will get an extra kick!

Protect Spray

For extra happy, shiny plants their Protect Spray combines Neem Oil is with a specialist microbial blend to protect plants from the environmental stressors that make them struggle.

How to use

  1. Shake well
  2. Spray on both sides of leaves in the morning or evening
  3. Apply fortnightly or if your plant looks like it needs extra love
  4. Relax and enjoy healthier plant babies!

Just in case these products aren't great enough, they're all made in Australia and for every product purchased, they'll plant a tree in bushfire affected areas.

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