What is this?

A Live Sale is where we go LIVE on Instagram at a scheduled time we will then show plants and other items available for purchase from our studio.


Our LIVE schedule will be posted on IG in a story for you to see with a countdown timer, click arrow to get notifications once we're LIVE.


To access the LIVE sale you need to have an instagram account, once we go LIVE you will see our logo with a red circle around it, click on this to watch the live.

To purchase an item you need to be quick and put your sold comment along with the item number in the chat, we will announce each plant/ item & the item number during the LIVE. We will also have the number on the product for you to see, quantities will be limited so be QUICK to comment sold. 


All sales are final, we are LIVE in real time. Inbox messages won't be checked during. 

Once sale has ended we will then raise an invoice that will be emailed for payment by 12:00pm the following day, non payment will result in your purchases cancelled as well as being banned from future LIVE sales. 

You can add multiple items to enjoy our offer for FREE shipping within the Sydney Metropolitan area. 

Our usual shipping terms apply for the rest of NSW and other Non Quarantine states. 

If we see anyone breaking the terms & conditions or being unfriendly you will be banned from future LIVE sales. 

Plant Daddy is running a LIVE sale to offer our customers and community the opportunity to shop with us virtually, it's about having some fun, enjoying some discounts and learning a thing or 2 about the plants you'd like to purchase.