Happy Mardi Gras- RISE

This year the theme for Mardi Gras is RISE

It couldn't be a more fitting theme for this year’s Mardi Gras Season.  

The word RISE means a lot to us and what we have done and will continue to do now and in the future. 

Reflecting on the last 12 months I'd like to share the challenges and successes we've had as a new business, finding our team and building a community of like-minded people who love gardening, connecting and being part of something.

As you would know by now Plant Daddy was a love child born of myself (Trent) and my beautiful fiancé (Charlie) in the winter of 2019 having an over flowing collection of house plants at home we had this idea to bring some plants along to weekend markets to sell to feed my plant habit, this all quickly changed when customers were wanting more than we could manage. 

Fast forward to early 2020 when COVID hit us all we were faced with making some decisions- either stop doing what we were doing and keep all the plants we had in our collection for sale at markets or we could find a space that could support our online business we were building.

As fate would have it, we found an amazing local space that would allow us to continue to build our online business and establish a click n collect point. 

It was only a short few weeks before customers were asking if we were a pop-up and if they could come inside- luckily restrictions had eased and we were then able to open our doors to customer's. 

We then had this extra crazy idea to bring some of our friends from the markets into Plant Daddy to help support their business during these difficult times, our lesson and mantra has been to support local business. Think for a moment as these businesses are your family, friends and neighbours, you'd hate to see them suffer so we always do our best to support local. This has been a huge part of our founding principles.

At this point we realised that we couldn't do it alone, we needed help! It was by fate that we knew a mutual friend who was looking for a new job and something that would be a fit- it couldn't have been any more perfect. 

We found Dee, fellow plant lover and Anthurium lover joined our team as a casual working in the shop, coming to early morning trips to hand pick plants, managing the shop so we can take a day off. 

During this period, we realised that the car we were using wasn't adequate for the business we were building and growing- a VW Tiguan while a great car it wasn't cut out for what we needed. So, we welcomed our Plant Daddy Mobil to the team to help us on those early morning trips to growers, for our market days and ultimately for delivering happy and healthy plants to your door!

Today we have a team of plant lovers that work at Plant Daddy that you will see in store at markets and even at home when we deliver to you.

Now in our 11th month since we opened the door and we're so grateful for the amazing following of customers we have and the community of plant friends we’re building.

One word I use a lot when chatting to our team and customers often is the word privileged, as I strongly believe that we are so very privileged to be doing what we do every day when coming to work here at Plant Daddy because for many people they have dreams and aspirations of what they would one day like to do and achieve in life. We have been so fortunate that through our hard work and dedication that our dreams are being realised, we share this with you and our team. RISE up to your own personal dreams and ambitions you can do it!

If you get to know me as a person you would quickly understand that I have so many idea's whether it's business, life, family or friends I tend to think big and love to include people in my plans, Plant Daddy was no exception. 

I've faced many challenges in life just like everyone else and I have found that my strength has for the most part come from the people around me and my own determination to do better and to make a mark. 

Not so long ago for me Marriage Equality was just a dream and something that was played out very publicly that the entire country was able to decide upon... 

As a young gay man growing up on the Central Coast life wasn't so easy for me there, having school yard bullying and even workplace bullying occurring nearly daily I quickly found my people and moved to Sydney where I was able to be my true self and have the support, I longed for from my rainbow family. 

I guess what I am trying to help others to understand from my rambling, yes, it's real and you'll figure me out someday, is that we can all RISE to any challenge that is set out before us. Surround yourself with the right people, have support mechanisms in place and find that outlet for you to be who you are. For me this is Plant Daddy, I eat, sleep and breathe this business we have. 

We are working hard to create a space for our community to come together, to feel safe, to feel included and above all to feel loved. 

There is so much more work to be done in terms of where we need to be as a community, by coming together to celebrate who we are and what we have achieved so far is a bloody beautiful thing. 

My personal challenge is for you to find the courage to RISE this year, be an agent of change! Let's lift the bar together and watch our spirits rise. 

Happy Mardi Gras


Love Trent 



I loved reading this to learn about you and how plant Daddy came to life. Congratulations for dreaming and loving big and never letting society, other people stop you doing what you yearned to do. I love the theme this year for mardi gras ’ Rise’ and as many of us have done in life no matter what struggles faced, we have risen, become resilient, and succeeded all while staying true to ourselves and not becoming hard and bitter. I will continue to support Plant Daddy and look forward to many more years growing my indoor collection of plants. Thank you for all you do xo

Sharon Wynne May 27, 2022

Awww this is so beautifully written Trent 🥲 you beautiful soul you! After reading this you make me want to conquer the world 🤩

Tammie March 10, 2021

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