How to take care of plants during seasonal change

As summer fades and cooler weather approaches, you might be concerned about caring for your plant collection. How will they handle the temperature shift? Are you watering them correctly? What adjustments should you make for the weather change?

It's crucial to address these questions during seasonal transitions to ensure your plants thrive in the cooler months. Plant enthusiasts, we've got you covered with some valuable advice:


Adjust your watering frequency as plants slow their growth and soil dries slower in cooler months. Check soil moisture before watering and reduce frequency as needed.

Repotting: Avoid unnecessary repotting as plants enter dormancy, which could stress them. Only repot when absolutely necessary.


Most indoor plants don't need fertilizing during colder months. Wait until early spring to resume. If you do fertilize, use weaker solutions to avoid disrupting their natural cycle.


Combat dry indoor air by using humidifiers or spray bottles to increase humidity around tropical plants like Alocasia and Calathea. Keep them away from cold drafts and consider investing in a greenhouse cabinet if feasible.


With shorter days, assess your indoor lighting and consider supplemental grow lights if needed to maintain optimal conditions for your plants.

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