Winter is coming…

You know the saying… Winter is coming.

 As the temperature gets colder, it is important for us to keep our plant babies alive and thriving during the coming winter!

 Houseplants arent usually the type to enjoy the cold (and lets be honest, we can relate), so they need a little bit of TLC and encouragement to not completely give up on life this winter (same). It all starts with the right plant care, a positive attitude and the right temperature to shelter you from the storm (…get it?).

Now, most of our houseplants are tropical babes and will be requiring a certain level of humidity to get through the winter. As the temperature falls and the air gets more dry, we need to make sure that we provide optimal living conditions for them. After all, we just need to keep them alive until spring and then they can do their ~thing~


  • Avoid placing plants near cold/heat sources! That includes aircon, heater, as well as doors that lead to outside and windows if not properly sealed!
  • Keep plants 5-10 cm away from exterior windows.
  • If your windows frost overnight, move plants away from windows at night! You can also slip a heavy shade or another insulating material between your plants and the glass. 


Our winters can get very dark (as you can probably already tell, it is already so dark so early at the moment!), which means that your plant babies may not be getting enough lights to thrive and survive!

 Luckily, we do sell some grow lights here , which will guarantee your plants will get the light they need, and make them feel like they’re on holidays in the Bahamas instead of a winter wonderland.


The first signs of low humidity stress on plants may potentially include brown leaf tips and sudden pests showing up (like Spider Mites! If you have an unwanted guest infestation, our Zero Tolerance spray is a miracle worker, you’re welcome!)

Here’s some helpful tips and tricks to boost humidity in your home this winter :)

  • One simple way is to place a tray with pebbles in the tray and top with water, then place your pot plant on top! Easy Peasy!
  • You can also mist your plants (if you have calatheas/prayer plants, we do recommend using filtered water as they are ~fancy~)
  • Popping your plants into your bathroom when you shower/overnight can help give them a daily humidity boost!
  • Get yourself a little greenhouse for your plant babies!
  • You can also get a good humidifier, there’s heaps of different models on the market that will be suitable for your specific needs!


See you next time!

xoxo, Clem

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