Fathers’ Day

Happy Fathers’ Day everyone!

Our thoughts are with those without fathers, fathers without children, father figures and those who take on the role of both parents 💚

Today we take the time to appreciate those around us who have loved and supported us through the many hurdles that we face in life! 

I myself was raised by a single mother, so she was my mother and father all in one! While I may not have experienced having a father, she did a wonderful job (if I say so myself) and I was lucky enough to see many of my friends have beautiful bonds with their fathers and father figures.

From being shoulders to cry on, to teaching my friends how to drive or play footy and guitar; and giving us lifts to a from parties (via maccas of course), I have seen many fathers being great role models. I have seen friends who have lost their fathers, friends who lived life without a father figure, friends who suddenly had a father figure.  

And Fathers Day celebrates them all! So hug your loved ones a little tighter, play those silly board games you dont really feel like playing and tell them how much you appreciate them. Life is short!

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