Hot Tropical Summer? Our care tips low down!

We feel this summer heat, so do your plants duh!

The summer months in Sydney, Australia, the climate can be hot and dry, although lately it feels tropical South East Asia vibes without the hum of scooters and monkeys playing 🤣

To help your plants thrive in these conditions, we put together the following summer plant care tips:

  • Water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth.
  • Water early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water loss through evaporation- watering during the hot of the day can be detrimental to plants 😩 check the weather forecast daily. 
  • Be mindful of water requirements for different plants; some may need more water than others, try using a sustee to ensure accurate watering
      • Depending on the type of plant, you may need to adjust your plant feeding schedule during summer. Always check the care requirements of each species of plant before introducing fertiliser
      • Take care to avoid over-fertilising, especially during periods of extreme heat, less is more- using organic products reduces the likely hood of plants being over fed. 
      Shade and Protection:
      • Provide shade for plants that are sensitive to intense sunlight.
      • Most indoor plants will enjoy being in filtered light position, take care to avoid placing plants near glass windows or doors as this can increase the heat and damage to foliage
      • Consider using shade cloth to protect delicate plants from harsh afternoon sun.
      • Remove dead or damaged foliage and vines to encourage healthy growth.
      • If in doubt with a leaf, vine we use the rule if it's looking more sad than good CHOP IT! This won't kill your plant, foliage dying off is a natural process of plants. 
      • Prune flowering plants after their blooming period to stimulate new growth.
        Pest Control:
        • Keep an eye out for pesky pests that may be more active during the warmer months, your environment can determine the overall health of your plant and the risk of pests 😩
        • Hot dry spaces, fans, air con, excessive watering and many more can become a breeding ground for pests including mealy bugs, spider mites and scale to name a few.
        • Consider using natural pest control methods, home remedies or, if necessary, carefully chosen insecticides that aren't detrimental to your plants overall health. 
          Adequate Ventilation:
          • Ensure good air circulation around your plants to reduce the risk of pest and diseases.
          • Avoid overcrowding plants, they all need that air! 
            Regular Inspection:
            • Regularly inspect your plants for signs of stress, disease, or pest infestations.
            • Deal with it promptly if you notice any issues.
            • If you're an over-waterer why not try foliage care to feed your need to care for your loved green foliaged friends. 

            Remember to consider the specific needs of your plants, as different species will have varying requirements.
            Additionally, your conditions can vary, so adapting these tips based on your specific microclimate is crucial.

            Lastly, don't stress. 
            Gardening is a journey and one of the greatest acts of love and compassion, be patient and you will reap the rewards ❤️🌱

            Stay hydrated, 

            Trent  🌱🌱🌱

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