Let them Grow, Glory Pole fun!

Plant Daddy has just the solution for you to train and grow your favourite plant, no more fussing with home DIY moss poles and complicated building instructions...
We are in love with the ever amazing Glory Pole as it is very straightforward to use with few simple steps you're ready to have your very own Glory Pole with beautiful plant attached!
  • Get yourself a Glory Pole in either black or clear to match your style or stand out to show off your creation
  • Choose either moss or a medium of your choice (we prefer moss or a chunky aroid or similar mix to ensure it doesn't escape the cut outs)
  • Making the pole- fold on the edges so you have nice clean folds then pop the tags into the slits in the sides to hold the Glory Pole together (we use the second slit as it's not too big or small)
  • Time to have some fun!
  • Have an empty pot with drainage (Mr Kitly is our favourite) to place the Glory Pole
  • Once the Glory Pole is in place it's time to start filling the pot up with a nice chunkier mix we use and love the Chunky Mix by Dr Greenthumbs
  • Start by filling the pot around a 1/4 the way and also fill the Glory Pole the same amount- this helps to hold the Glory Pole in place, we like to keep the Glory Pole close to the back of the Mr Kitly pot so we have space for the plant to be potted
  • Once in place it's time to start filling you Glory Pole with your desired mix (we love moss) be careful to not pack it too loose or tight- fluffy is best to allow root growth and aeration
  • Once the Glory Pole is filled it's time to plant up your favourite plant
  • Start by removing your plant from it's nursery pot or growing medium, you may repot with the current mix into the Mr Kitly pot or a pot with good drainage- check it's ok to be transferred into the new pot in case of bugs or contamination
  • Once removed you can then place into the pot close to the Glory Pole, now the fun part
  • Once placed into the pot it's time to look for some nice juicy nodes or aerial roots to encourage or gently place into or close to the Glory Pole
  • Now lets give those nodes or aireal roots some help by gently clipping in place or tie some jute twine
  • Next up is filling the rest of the pot up with potting mix to cover the roots- you can use some slow release fertiliser or root roids to help is settle into its new home 
  • Finally give the top soil it's first and last water to help your plant friend settle in!
  • Well done you have just built your very own Glory Pole


Most plants on a Glory Pole will enjoy nice bright well-lit room with filtered light; take care not to place in a draft or windy place as this can dry the moss out quickly also keep out of direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves and dry your
Glory Pole very quickly. 


This beauty will only need watering from the Glory Pole, keep the medium damp and don't let it dry out too much as the medium can be difficult to hydrate again. 

As the Glory Pole has been potted in the soil there is no need to water the top soil as the moss will run down into the soil, watering the soil can lead to overwatering

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