It’s getting Pot in here! 🪴

The moment you have all been waiting for!

Our new range of pots is FINALLY here and we are so excited to have some new, fun, colourful pots in-store.

Ceramic Pots

We have added quite a few newbies to our ceramic pot range, and restocked some crowd favourites as well.

Restocked- The Hanover & Hamburg Planters, mini Oslo pots

Your favourite pots have been restocked, and in all our favourite colours: tobacco, avocado, parchment, sage and white!

The Hanover planter is perfect if you want tour pot to make a statement with a fun geometrical shape (and is so stunning in tobacco!)

The Hamburg planter is a more classic, timeless pot that will let your plant do all of the talking.

The mini Oslo planters are THE CUTEST! They are so small and fun, perfect for succulents, small cacti and baby plants.

 New- Nikita, Palandro, Elisa, Aramante, Nomad, Athens, Viktoria, Cassia:

Nomad, Nikita and Palandro pots

The Nomad terracotta pot is small, but still makes a statement! With stunning white paint detailing, this pot is bound to be the perfect piece that is missing in your life.

The Terracotta Nikita pot is the star of the show. With each size featuring a different one-line art face, choose which sassy pot is your fave! The stunning detailing is only on one side, so you can mix, match, swap and turn the pot around depending on your mood! It’s basically two pots in one… The pot itself is beautifully glazed, with a deep terracotta saucer.

Simple but not basic, the Palandro pot will add a gorgeous pop of colour to your home without it being too overpowering. Available in two stunning colours, Rouge and Peach, these pots complement each other perfectly! The deep saucer of the Palandro pots are the same colour, and have a lovely sand texture to them; contrasting with the glaze of the pot beautifully.

The Athens and Viktoria pots

The Athens planter, inspired by the pillars at Acropolis, may be simple, but it is far from basic! Available in 2 sizes & textures, and 4 different colours, the Athens planter is bound to bring some classic beauty to your home. 

The Viktoria pot with saucer comes in 2 different sizes and 3 earthy colour ways! These pots are perfect if you want a pot that both makes a statement, but without taking away from the beauty of your plants! They come with a matching saucer which is the same diameter as the pot, for an effortlessly seamless look.

The Cassia, Aramante and Elisa pots

The Cassia pot is the perfect addition to neutral, boho homes! With a gorgeous rainbow matching the pot’s saucer, and three stunning colourways, Cassia is THE pot to have! The colours seafoam and blush add that’s touch of colour without being overpowering, and the white is a timeless essential.

The Amarante pot with saucer is nice, different, unusual! If you like neutral colours but don’t want a more basic, monochromatic look, the Aramante pot is for you! With a stunning pattern resembling houndstooth, this pot will make your plant stand out without stealing the show.

The Elisa pot with saucer is the perfect pot for those wanting a pot that is not quite round, but not quite straight either! It comes in two stunning colour ways, Licorice and Tuscan. Licorice is the perfect dark grey colour, and would complement industrial and/or minimalist interiors. Tuscan is a gorgeous dark mustard-brown colour, evoking the Mediterranean sun, perfect for those who prefer warm tones in their homes.

Terrazzo Pots

Hanging pots, Cenzo pots & Archie Pots

The Terrazzo hanging pot is the newest addition to our range of hanging pots!Available in three different colours with terrazzo detailing, these pots are durable and versatile; and perfect if you want to add a touch of classic Italian style to your home!

The Cenzo pots are perfect for your bigger plants (and to make a statement). Available in two fun colour ways, mint green and strawberry pink, these pots will add the perfect touch of colour to your home.

The Archie terrazzo pots are small but mighty! Available in 6 fabulous colour ways and 2 different sizes, the Archie pots are the answer to all of your terrazzo dreams. The arched base of the tall Archie Pot is actually its water tray! This will protect the surface which your pot sits on, and provide adequate drainage! Small Archie: This Pot has been designed to be your small plants or cuttings' very first home. It has a drainage hole; simply take off the plug when watering your plant over a sink and put it back in place once the soil is drained!

Tree Stripes Pots

The Tree Stripes range is handmade from recycled paper, each piece has been carefully hand saddle-stitched by a team of artisans in Sri Lanka. Due to the artisanal nature of these pots, they may carry small imperfections. These irregularities make your pot one of a kind! We recommend using this stunning pot as a cover pot for your plants, due to its lack of drainage hole.


With all these new pots, you are bound to find the perfect pot for your plants!

Until next time,

Clem x

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