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This week we’re going to be talking about potting and repotting your plant babies, as well as our (awesome) in-house potting and repotting services. 

A small ZZ plant in a terracotta pot, a caladium Hilo beauty in a small Mr.Kitly pot, and a palm in a medium Mr.Kitly pot 

Plants, pots and amendments from left to right: Zanzibar Gem (we only have the 175mm left), Terracotta pot and MAB Grow; Caladium Hilo Beauty, Mr. Kitly “Fog” 170mm  with premium Potting Mix and a top layer of Orchid Bark; small sago palm in a Mr Kitly “Pond Blue” 215mm and MAB Grow


Did you know that we can pot/repot your plant for you? How cool is that!!

We know it can be quote a hassle to pot or repot your plant, especially if you’re a new plant parent, don’t have much time or even just if you aren’t much of a green thumb. 

Before we get into our potting service, here are the basics:

Plant Daddy Potting Station: We can pot your new plant into a new pot while you wait! Mini (100mm) $8   Small (130mm) $14  Medium (180mm) $22  Large (250mm) $36  1X Large (300mm) $40  2X Large (350mm - 400mm) $60. Potting mediums by the scoop: (BYO Container) Perlite, Orchid Bark, Hydrocorn/ Leca  500ml scoop $3 1L bag $6Dr Greenthumbs. Premium potting mix: 8L $18 15L $24 27L $36.  Cactus & Succulent Mix: 8L $18 15L $25 27L $40.  MAB: light, fine or chunky 8L $26 15L $40. Potting mediums by the bag: Perlite, Orchid Bark, Hydrocorn/Leca:  $6 per 1L bag

Now, if you’re a new plant parent, some of these words may not be making much sense to you. But fear not as I’m here to explain! 

What is Leca/Hydrocorn

Leca is essentially little balls of clay, used to help water drain around the roots in order to aerate them. By leaving the pellets whole, you create tiny pockets of air. They also absorb water, so they can help retain moisture, without having your plant continuously sitting in the water, which can cause root rot!


What is Perlite?

Perlite is naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock. Perlite is a natural filtration system, allowing excess water to easily drain away while retaining a little moisture and catching nutrients that plants need to grow. Airflow in the soil is greatly improved in a bed amended with perlite, and that’s necessary both for your plant’s roots to breathe and for any worms, beneficial nematodes, and other good natural garden inhabitants.


What is Orchid Bark?

Orchid Bark is an additive for aeration. Your plants need air, just like us humans! This type of additive is great not only for orchids but also other plants that prefer quick draining yet moisture retentive soil, such as aroids. Plus, having a chunkier soil mix will promote fatter stronger roots, instead of super fine roots, that are similar to hair like strands.


What is MAB?

MAB consists of 100% mineral, horticultural grade aeration stone, your MAB Grow will always come free of contamination, pests & disease! It creates the perfect root zone environment effortlessly, while eliminating problems associated with overwatering your plants.


Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, onto our famous potting and repotting service!

 Potting service in action

All you need to do (we promise, we’ll do the rest!) is to pick your new plant baby, anew your fave pot (we can help you with sizing, we know, it can be confusing!). If you’ve got an existing plant but you wish to repot it into a different (or a bigger pot!) we can do that for you too :)

When potting up your lovelies, we use a blend of Premium Indoor Potting mix by Dr Greenthumbs for all repotting services. All plants are fertilised with slow release pellets as well as a good leaf shine with Leaf Conditioner. (Talk about care & luxury!)

 Don’t forget that if you have multiple plants in need of potting/repotting, to let us know which plant goes into which pot; as well as if you’re wanting us to use a different potting mix!

To add potting instructions, simply click on gift/delivery instructions at checkout

Here are our potting options:

Mini for 100mm sized pot

Small for 130mm sized pot 

Medium for 180mm sized pot 

Large for 250mm sized pot 

1X Large for 300mm sized pot

2X Large for 350-400mm sized pot


And here are our potting medium options:

If you wish for us to pot your new plant into a different potting mix, please let us know in the ‘delivery instructions’ at checkout.

Premium indoor potting mix

Cactus & Succulent Mix

MAB: light, fine or chunky


We can’t wait to help you pot up your gorgeous little (or big) plant babies! Until next time,

Clem 🐝


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