Top questions to ask before purchasing plants for your home

A clean and green environment is the hallmark of a progressive and sustainable society. There are many different plants and species in the market, making it difficult to choose the ones that can be the best suited for your home.  There are many considerations that go into selecting plants that are the best fit for your lifestyle, house, and the area where you live. If you are a busy professional, you might not be able to properly take care of high-maintenance plants. On the other hand, plants that are not native to the area that you live in can also be difficult to take care of because of their differing temperature and nutrient requirements. Therefore, making a decision to have plants in your house means that you need to consider the different characteristics and distinct natures of plants.  

Every plant is different from another and requires different care and nutrition for it to grow properly. When people go to plant shops near them, they might get lost in the amount of choice that is available and become confused with regards to the plants they should purchase. It can be highly perplexing to choose which plants to buy, which is why we have developed some questions that need to be answered before you decide on the plants you want in your home. 

What is the lifespan of the plant? 

When buying plants from plant shop near you, you must firstly ask the shopkeeper of the lifespan of the particular plant that you wish to buy. You must analyze and judge whether buying that plant is feasible and whether its lifespan pays up for its price or not. A plant whose life span is short is least preferred.  

How dry is the air in your house? 

Plants bought from nurseries or from plant shops near you are most certainly getting the proper sunlight and air for their healthy growth and nutrition. However, the environment of your home differs which is why you have to consider the amount of moisture that is there in your home. You should have good ventilation in your home, and there should be some facility to allow for natural air and moisture to enter the house. Check the sunny spots in different places in your home and match plant requirements to the spot that you put them in. Some plants require only a small amount of sunlight and grow well in the share therefore, you must have the know-how regarding each plant and its reaction to sunlight exposure and the presence or lack of moisture in your home. 

Are your plants seasonal? 

Merely 30 % of the plants survive throughout the year, while the rest are seasonal and they lose their shape in certain weather conditions. Therefore, you must ask what sort of seasons the particular plant withstands and which season is not worthy for the plants. You can check from your local plant shop near you about the kind of seasonal care required and the dedication needed for such plants.   

How much space does the plant occupy? 

We know that plants grow vertically as well as horizontally. They grow in length as well as width. You must know when buying plants from plant shop near you about how much the plant grows and how much space will be required to grow without any inconvenience. An open and huge space ensures optimal growth for plants.  

Getting your plants the right and suitable pot is also a big challenge. Some plants grow very quickly in the beginning which is why they require bigger pots so that their roots grow deeper. Similarly, plants that are imbedded in the ground also need to be taken care of and need proper sunlight, watering, and nutrition. These plants must be carefully planted at such a place in your house where there is fertile land in terms of their optimum growth and where they grow and develop without any constraint.  

These are some of the questions that you must keep in mind while purchasing plants for your home. When you purchase plants from the plant shop near you, the shopkeeper will definitely show you plants that are compatible in your region and can withstand the weather. Still having knowledge regarding plants, you want to buy can aid in your decision making regarding which ones to have. Plants not only make your house look more beautiful but also play a very pivotal role in keeping the atmosphere clean and moderate. Plants require proper attention and care specially in their early development stages. One must devote his time to these plants in order to ensure that they grow and develop into a tree naturally.   

Best house plants to beautify your house  

In the past few years with a great change in the modern interior styles the choices for decorating houses have also changed. From outdoor gardening the trend has changed to indoor plantations. To some, it’s therapeutic as they treat taking care of plants as a hobby and as a relaxing exercise.  

Indeed, it can't be denied that indoor plants make your homes beautiful and modern naturally functioning as decorative items for households and accenting the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Plants create a positive and lively atmosphere through their palate of vibrant colors boosting overall mental, spiritual and physical health.

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