Spring flings and thank you notes inside 💌🌸

Hello, Spring!

We have been waiting for this, after a very cold winter! Flowers are blooming, spring is springing and we are loving it!

Spring is the perfect time to give your plants a little bit of much needed TLC after a long winter: repotting, pruning, fertilising and propagating will give your plant babies a much needed spring refresh!

 We wanted to thank you all for being a part of our beautiful Plant Daddy family: use code THANKYOU15 at checkout for a cheeky discount!

Pollinators are essential to keeping our beautiful plants, animals and ourselves breathing. They may be a little bit scary to some, but they sure do mean well! Bees especially have been struggling for a little while- (unless you’re allergic) don’t be scared! Tired or cold bees will often be found struggling on the ground- don’t be scared, they just need a little pick me up. Making sugar water will give bees the energy that they need to fly away and do their job as well as they possibly can! The preferred ratio is 1 part sugar and 1 part water: heat it up in a pot, let it cool down a little bit and offer it to a struggling bee with a spoon!

Do not feed honey to bees, as it may carry diseases and pass it on to their hive!

For all your plant care tips needs this coming spring, have a read of our 7 best plant care tips here !


Until next time, 

Clem 🐝



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