How to get best Plant Styling at your office

Remember the days of working from home, adorning your home office with indoor plants to spruce up the backdrop for those virtual meetings?

Times have changed!

Many of us are now transitioning into a hybrid working model, gradually returning to the office.

Ensuring our office space is as enjoyable as our home office is now crucial.

So, what's the solution?

Introduce plant styling to your office! Research has shown that incorporating greenery can boost productivity, alleviate stress and anxiety, purify the air, and even shield against screen monitor radiation (though you'll need a fair number of plants for that).

But what if your office lacks natural light or tends to be dry?

Enter low-maintenance plants! There's a plethora of indoor plant varieties that thrive in various light conditions and require minimal upkeep. They're perfect for those WFH days or when you're away from the office – just be sure to ask a colleague to water them if you're gone for an extended period.

Looking for low-maintenance plants?

We've got you covered with options like Zanzibar Gem, Sansevieria, Peperomia, Philodendron, and Monstera varieties. Or use our website filter to customize based on your light and watering needs.

Tailor your office styling with Plant Daddy's styling service!

If you're seeking a large-scale plant styling project for your workplace, share your requirements and space details with us, and we'll work our magic to create a lush and stylish office environment.


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