Wear it Purple Day 💜

Wear it Purple Day occurs annually on the last Friday of August, and is a day dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ Youth community.

Supporting the queer community is a cause that we are passionate about; which is why this week up until 11.59pm Friday 26th of August, we are pledging to donate 10% of each purchase to Wear it Purple!

 We encourage you all to take a moment and read about the incredible work that Wear it Purple does for the queer youth community, and how you too can help here.


Being located in the heart of Newtown, which may be the centre of the queer community in Sydney, it is really important to us to acknowledge the hardships that the LGBTQIA+ Community has experienced and continues to experience to this day. Young people within the queer community are at higher risk of bullying, depression and suicide; they need a safe environment to explore who they are and have the opportunity to truly be themselves without fear and fear of judgement.

We welcome everyone into our little shop, wherever you come from, whoever you love; we want you to know that you belong here and that you are loved 💜

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